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being proud of ur friends and jealous of them at the same time


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WHY ISN’T IT TAGGED, WHYYYYY. I shall feex eet.

This is from “A Gathering of Cats” by Makoto Shinkai. It’s a one-minute short, and you can watch the whole thing here.

Truest shit I’ve seen since Chi’s Sweet Home, y’all. Truest shit.

That was one the most amazing things I have ever watched.

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Avoiding spoilers on tumblr


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When I saw the gif of Stocking, and then saw the text, I had to make it into Jaden.


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"Are you ready?"
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Reborn: I'm going to become your tutor.
Tsuna: Please don't.
Gokudera: I'll be your right hand man!
Tsuna: Please don't!
Yamamoto: Ohh, a mafia game? Can I join?
Tsuna: Please don't...
Ryohei: I challenge you! If you lose, join the boxing club!
Tsuna: Please don't.
Hibari: I'm going to bite you to death.
Tsuna: Please dO NOT
Mukuro: I'm going to destroy all the mafia, including you.
Tsuna: Please don't.
Xanxus: I'm going to kill you in order to take the title of Vongola Decimo.
Tsuna: Please don't.
Byakuran: I'm going to take over the world!
Tsuna: Do not.
Enma: I'm taking vengeance for what your ancestors did to my ancestors!
Tsuna: Please don't.
Daemon: I'm restoring the Vongola to its original glory!
Tsuna: Don't.................
Checkerface: I'm finding the next set of Arcobaleno.
Tsuna: No.
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❝ Tsuna gets hotter. ❞
- summary of Katekyo Hitman Reborn. (via erengayer)
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In which “Jenny” Bravo is sick of your shit

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These two were supposedly based on a real couple, who said they wouldn’t board a life boat as long as there were younger people still aboard the ship. They both went below deck, presumably to their room, and that’s the last time they were seen.


Isador & Ida Straus

The couple had been married for 41 years at the time of the disaster. They raised six children together, and were almost inseparable. On the rare occasion that they were apart, they wrote each other every day. They even celebrated their birthdays on the same day, although they were well apart from one another. During the sinking, Titanic’s officers pleaded with the 63 year old Ida to board a lifeboat and escape the disaster, but she repeatedly refused to leave her husband. Instead, she placed her maid in a lifeboat, taking her fur coat off and handing it to the maid while saying, “I won’t need this anymore”. At one point, she was convinced to enter one of the last two lifeboats, but jumped out as her husband walked away to rejoin him.

When last seen by witnesses, they were standing on deck, holding each other in a tight embrace. Their funeral drew some 6,000 mourners at Carnegie Hall.

A monument to them still stands in a Bronx cemetery, it’s inscription reads: “Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it.”

why wasn’t the movie about them

why wasn’t the movie about them

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Things I should be doing: Writing

Things I am doing: Imagining random shit from the story I want to write without actually thinking them through and then forgets about them.

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